vendredi 12 juillet 2013

10 Funniest YouTube Sex Toy Videos

You’ll find a lot of sex-toy-related videos on YouTube. Some are instructional. Some are dirty. Many are sales pitches. You can also find some good DIY tutorials for homemade projects. But just for fun, we’ve rounded up some of the more entertaining ones for your viewing pleasure.
1. Sex Toy Story
A slick parody of the Pixar blockbuster.
2. The Dildo Song
A classic. You’ll have this ditty stuck in your head for days.
3. “It’s a Dildo” – The Office UK
4. Granny Finds a Dildo
Oh, these new-fangled inventions!
5. Boys Can Wait

A public service announcement from Technical Virgins.

lundi 8 juillet 2013

5 geniuses advertising that can be used to promote porn

5 Mainstream Ads that can be used to promote porn

The guy who invented the sausages is nothing but a prankster, because there is nothing funnier than penis shaped food, you may not know this, but before they use to be shoved the wieners in sheep intestine casings, yes that is right you hear me sheep intestines!!, so suddenly the technology was able to get rid off of the sheep intestines and there is when advertising geniuses decided that the best way to advertise the product was with the following phrase:
Wieners with No Skins!!

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jeudi 18 octobre 2012

An Illustrated History of Sex Toys

Have you ever wanted to know about the history of auto-erotic pleasuring? Have you ever laid awake at night wondering where and how the dildo, or the Japanese hand-job-giving robot was invented? Well, look no further -- we have decided to put together an illustrated time-line that is sure to make sense of self-pleasure's storied past. This would make for an excellent school presentation:

Dildos Vs Vibrators Infographic

What's your favorite; Dildo or Vibrator ?

Gallery of different kind of sextoys

Girlfriend enjoying her dildo

Sex Toys You Haven’t Tried but Should

Can we talk honestly for just a moment about, well, sex toys? Because there is so much more to sex toys than the Rabbit. Upgrade your vibrator with one of these expert picks. Trust me—they satisfy any bedroom need you’ve got. 

Alternative way to masturbate
Hitachi Magic Wand
The Hitachi Magic Wand is arguably the world’s most beloved, foolproof vibrator. It’s reliable, it’s strong, and it feels like no guy ever has or will be able to. (Psst, let’s keep that between us, shall we?) The problem? It plugs into an outlet, making it not-so-portable or convenient to whip out at a moment’s notice, which is exactly where its newer, younger cousin comes in. The Mystic Wand is battery-powered, keeping you prepared at all times.

Alternative way to masturbate
If you’re going through a sexual dry spell or recently broke up with a guy, go straight for the big guns. A dual stimulation toy like Lelo’s Ina will make you forget your ex faster—and with way fewer calories—than a pint of Cookie Dough. With an insertable silicone portion to stimulate internally as well as a separately motorized external attachment for clitoral action, this toy does everything the Rabbit does, without the creepy ears.